How to Create a Personal Website or an Online Store

What are the simplest ways to create a website today? To answer the question, have a look at the review of two website builders used to create promo websites and online shops today.

Many Internet users need websites today. Some people use them to sell products, services and look for the potential clients, while others use sites to find these offers, useful information, and other purposes. Demand breeds supply. 

This is true when it concerns website building as well. In our case, this rule works in both directions, and its essence is quite understandable: the amount of people using the Internet these days keeps growing, which results in the increased demand for the advanced technologies and knowledge that can help avail the required result in the shortest time possible. This concerns both the sellers and the customers.

It is not surprising that demand for convenient website building tools keeps growing as well – just like the amount of offers provided by the developers of these platforms. There are, probably, no people, who have not heard anything about website builders today. 

There are many of these platforms – just have a look at some of them here. What is their essence? The role of a website builder is to let a newbie create a functional website in a couple of days.

What are the simplest ways to create a website today How to Create a Personal Website or an Online Store

What website builder will work best for your project? Well, you can test all the available platforms to find that out. It’s not a problem nowadays. However, is there a simpler and a more efficient option suitable for all types of websites? Such options exist: these are uKit and uCoz.

What makes these two platforms unique? That’s very simple: uKit is an ideal website builder to create a small business website, while uCoz is a universal tool for all types of sites, including online shops, portals, blogs, forums and what not. What’s more, these two services are the best in their niche, so let us review each of them in detail.

uKit Website Builder

The website builder comes with a convenient and user-friendly visual editor that lets a newbie create a structure of the future site in less than half an hour. Simple tips will guide you through the whole process of setting up a site – from the beginning till the end. 

What are the simplest ways to create a website today How to Create a Personal Website or an Online Store

uKit websites consist of blocks, the content, positioning and general look of which can be customized concerning your needs in the framework of the provided user options, which are versatile and multiple. Each block or widget is used to complete a particular task, be it a news informer (or a blog), a slider, a gallery, a contact form, a social media button block, a call back order form, a price list, online support, timer (for landing pages), headlines, articles and more. These are some of the elements you can make use of to create a modern and easy-to-browse website.

uKit positions itself as a friendly solution for business platforms. It offers a generous selection of appealing templates on different business topics. There is also a convenient preview option and an opportunity to select a template by the color scheme, category, popularity and other parameters. Each template is filled with industry-specific content. You can customize it concerning your needs and – voila! The website is almost ready!

Promotion of uKit websites is also quite convenient. There are fields to be filled with meta tags (SEO) as well as a unique tool, which lets a newbie understand whether the site is ready for further promotion or not.

If the site lacks something, you will be notified about that using special charts and recommendations. It goes without saying that you can set up Google Analytic to be aware of the detailed statistics of the website promotion process.

uKit comprises such features as simplicity, convenience, and beautiful functionality. It is a lovely choice for everyone, who needs a quality business website, promo website, portfolio or a landing page. High competitiveness of the platform is revealed through its price, which constitutes $48 per year. This does not include discounts and promo codes, which are quite widespread here.

Having purchased a plan, you will be able to set up the 2nd level domain of your own. Testing of the system is conducted for seven days and is then followed by the standard functioning of your website, which will have the uKit ad link in its footer, though. This means that you will be able to use the service free of charge, but it will come with some restrictions.

uKit is a perfect website builder for those, who don’t have any coding skills, web design experience, and other unique web building knowledge. 

What you get –  is an excellent and easy-to-use platform, which presents the web building process in the understandable and straightforward way.

uCoz Website Builder

This platform looks a bit more complicated for the newbies, but it offers more options to create professional websites. It comes with a modular structure, which means that separate setting blocks are used to adjust functional sections and site implementation features. These modules can be easily enabled/disabled, thus forming the dashboard you will need to complete your task. This is very convenient.   

What are the simplest ways to create a website today How to Create a Personal Website or an Online Store

Some module samples include a blog, a news section, an online shop, videos, games, a forum, advertising panel, etc. Each module comes with specific settings. Let’s say; you need a blog. To enable the module, you just need to add it and make it a home page.
uCoz web design settings are quite extensive as well. A rich choice of default templates is provided right from the start. You can edit them using coding options, upload your templates or design new ones in the special section.

What’s more, there is an incorporated template shop, where you can purchase the theme you need for your website at the affordable cost ($10-15). By the way, you can get the template as a bonus, having bought any plan, starting with the “Optimal” ($48 per year). Apart from that, you will also get the 2nd level domain as well as Google AdSense points. Frankly speaking, uCoz bonuses are treasured.  

One of the major uCoz features is an opportunity to use the platform for free. There is hardly a website builder that lets Free Plan users attach their domains. Although the ad banner will still be located in the corner of your site, in this case, other limitations will be absent: the only modules you won’t be able to use are those of an online shop and advanced SEO.

By the way, you can also use uCoz for free without any limitations if you have a non-commerce website (the one of a hospital, kindergarten, school, local administration, etc.). Just notify the technical support service about the type of your site to get the full version of the website builder activated for free.

Another benefit of the site builder is an opportunity for visually impaired users to create a website version in one click only. According to the new laws, such platforms are obliged to have unique site versions for this category of people. The implementation of this option is still technically complicated. As of today, uCoz offers only the enable/disable feature.

The most advanced application of such a powerful website builder as uCoz is the creation of online stores and portals. The options are unlimited here. For example, you will avail specific opportunities like synchronization of the website with 1C Business Management, Yandex.Market, CSV product upload/unload and even YML. 

uCoz comes with a luxurious complex of integrated tools for effective website promotion. Statistics section, budgets for contextual advertising, purchasing links, SEO, promo campaigns, etc. You can manage these tasks in no time within the system.

uCoz is a nice choice for the development of the major professional websites. It is moderately complicated. You can also create promo websites and landing pages here, of course, but if you need a small internet site, then it makes sense to use uKit. You will get the essence of the platform much quicker to complete the task on time. uCoz requires more attention and patience.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed two systems, the functionality and usability of which are enough to cater to the needs of two large groups of users: newbies without any experience, who need small websites to promote their services and businesses, and those, who are going to create large online shops, blogs, and portals. The first category of users will be satisfied with uKit. 

The second group, however, will get the most out of their businesses, considering each detail in the process of creation of their portals and online shops with uCoz.

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