Top 10 Online Forums & Discussion Portals for Bloggers

Let’s admit it guys, being a blogger; internet marketer is not an easy job. On one hand, you have to manage all the posting stuff, SEO, marketing, as well as social media; And at the same time, you are still lurking here and there for proper keyword guides and valuable resources. 

Trust me, most of the amateurs and beginners struggle hard to share their blogging related issues, queries, and appropriate guidance. They often seek help from pro-bloggers and other community members. Well, there are solutions to everything, and fortunately, community forums are always here for people like us.

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To help all the fellow bloggers, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 community forums for bloggers, SEO, internet marketing, and much more. They mostly benefit at both individual and society level. You’ll be them useful and can even discover more knowledge and promotional stuff too. So without any further talking, let’s start the list with the best and most renounced forums.

1. Warrior Forum

This Forum is one of the most known and popular forum amongst professional Internet marketers. It’s been successfully growing since 1997 and hosts more than 200,000 thousand active members and over 1 million posts and queries.

What one of the most surprising events occurred to me is when I logged on to the website, approximately 2,000 members were active at the exact moment. Even the response time on the site is fast enough with so many experts to help you with. 

Internet Marketing tricks, tips, and sufficiently descriptive threads on multiple topics to help you out. The membership is free, and you can start right now.

2. Digital Point Forum

Second, on the list, Digital Point Forum is the most reliable forum I’ve been using since past three weeks. It is the largest forum world with topics on each and every discussion. It’s like the heaven of information for all the tech savvy people or anyone who’s relying on the internet for their bread & butter.

The categories include Search Engines, Marketing threads, Businesses and much more. Moreover, there are various subcategories and topics to discuss on. A fully fledged forum with communities of pro-bloggers, internet marketers, SEO experts, programmers, website designers, developers, content writers, legal, enterprises and much more. 

Search engine threads for Google, Yahoo and other directories, affiliate marketing, PPC advertising, and other forums with subcategories HTML, Graphics, and Multimedia, Content Management, Programming, Site, and Server Administration, and Databases & Website Design too.

3. IndiBlogger

Who doesn’t know IndiBlogger? It is one of the most famous Indian blogging community and forum with over thousands of active users in the community and quality content article on the blog.

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Another interesting thing about the IndiBlogger is that it contains discussions related to blogging only. Ask your queries, questions and share your information on Blog Promotion, Content Writing, Blog Designing, Tech Issues, Collaborations, Tutorials and other blogging experiences. It also hosts blogger events and meetups across various states. So, you could easily differentiate amongst the best ones quickly. 

4. ShoutMeLoud Forum

Well, who isn’t aware of all the success bloggers have gained, thanks to Shoutmeloud and Harsh Aggarwal. He’s been ruling the Indian blogging community from the earliest as I remember and has helped over thousands of bloggers around the world. The forum is but obvious dedicated to all the bloggers and internet marketers.

Most of the bloggers are known for the quality and guidance of articles on the blog, and the community forum is better for sure. The Alexa ranking of the website is 469 in India only. So, you can quickly judge the amount of traffic and users on the ShoutMeLoud Forum. Since most of the fellow bloggers are Indian, so you can easily interact with the users too. You can find the relevant piece of information and tutorials quickly in the threads and discussions. You can easily sign-up on the forum for free, and it benefits for blog promotions, marketing and much more.

5. SEO Chat Forum

As you can easily guess with the name, SEO chat forum most renounced forum for search engine optimization and other relevant topics specially curated for different niche bloggers.

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With over 500,000 posts, threads, and tons of sub-divisions, SEO chat is a great online resource for marketers and learners. Google Optimization, Yahoo Crawling, Social Media Marketing, Niche Blogging, and much more.  It’s free and you can also sign up for
your social media accounts or blog as well.  

6. MOZ Community Forum

Moz also hosts a community forum for all the daily readers blogging enthusiasts and much more. So you can understand how high-quality article is being circulated among the readers. It has more than 10K plus daily users and with quick response time and high traffic driving source.

Though it is a great forum, it works on a premium point basis. What you require is to earn at least 500 points to participate in the community discussions and threads, and you can also make these points from the Blog and YouMoz.  With the international rank of 1025, it is the most famous and trusted blogging resource for all the beginners and even the pros.

7. SitePoint Forum

SitePoint is quite a versatile forum with all the topics like HTML, CSS, Designing, Blogging and much more covered with simple and easy language for all the users

It also offers a premium membership with all the bonus features restricted to elite users only. 

8. 24*7 Forum

From Search Engine Optimization to the basics of Blog Setup, 24*7 Forum hosts the largest discussions and knowledge base for all the bloggers and marketers. It is a leading forum for topics related to Web Hosting, Domain Setup, WordPress Troubleshooting, and much more.

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The forum is growing rapidly with many users posting and asking questions on a daily basis. Within few months only, the forum hosts various discussions related to blogging, affiliate marketing and reviews of different resources like Plugins, Online Tools and much more. You can sign up and register for free and start taking full benefit of all the information shared there.

9. Bloggeries Forum

Bloggeries is quite a famous and renounced forum for all the WordPress and BlogSpot Bloggers. The forum is known for its quick response time as the daily user stats are pretty good. A very helpful community if you’re new to the blogosphere, and you can get tons of relevant topics to get all the vital information.

10. Affilorama Forum

Last but not the least, Affilorama also hosts an affiliate marketing forum for all its readers and users. Learn more about SEO and information related to Yoast, Squirrly, Google and all the other necessary topics. A fully-fledged PPC discussion thread and much more. It has many remarkable secret tips and tricks related to PPC Marketing, Advertising and much more.

It packs expert users and marketing enthusiasts from all around the world. So, you can always find it reliable for valuable resources and a vast well of knowledge. 

So, this was it. You can visit every forum to choose which would suit you best. Just remember to ask anything without any hesitation.