7 Proven Tips to Play Slither.io Efficiently

Slither.io combines the good old snake game with agar.io gameplay. It is a snake eat snake world and your goal is to become the biggest snake out there by munching on the remains of other enemy snakes. Sounds fun, right? Well, here are a few tips to help you rule the field:

io combines the good old snake game with agar 7 Proven Tips to Play Slither.io Efficiently

1. Make use of the Map

The game provides you with a map in the left down corner where you can see your position as well it tells you where you can go or should not depend on what you wish to do. The middle is where you will find more dots to eat but beware they are usually occupied by large and aggressive snakes. 

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Light gray areas are densely populated but dark areas are less crowded which is good for players with lag. Also, here you can cruise around freely without worry and grow into a larger snake in your own sweet time but there are others who might visit these areas just to hunt those hiding out.

2. Cut off Another Snake

One of the most popular ways to grow into a longer snake is to cut off another snake. This is a very relevant technique for mid-sized snake (over 100 lengths) which can use its tail as an obstacle and also successfully avoid the tails of others. 

You can do this by going head to head with another snake and then make a slight turn away from it before dashing in front of the other snake. This requires right timing as well as anticipation as most likely your opponent is planning the same.

3. Coil around your enemy

This one is dirty move but an advantageous technique to trap a smaller snake and kill it. Once you get bigger, a point comes where you can no longer cut snakes safely and so your best bet is to encircle a smaller snake. This technique requires coordination as well as patience as you wait for the enemy to ram into your body finally and you get to devour all the light balls left behind. This is easy to do once you are large but be careful of the snake you are trapping or any outside snake as they may try boosting in your face.

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Coiling can also be done for safety as turning and coiling into your head prevent another snake from killing you. In case you are in an aggressive area, don’t move in a straight line instead turn slightly in a circle and along the way as for move out.

4. Boost as much as you can

One of the coolest slither.io hacks is the ability of boosting. You can boost to kill other snakes or to gobble up a mass of particles in a hurry or even escape.

Whenever you see a huge amount of light balls around you, boost to quickly eat as much as you can but be careful of ramming into other snakes. It is difficult to control your snake when in boost mode so if you see a mass of snake approaching the same particles it is better to slow down and move away once you have eaten some yourself.

Using boosting to kill other snakes is tricky as they will see you doing it and boost themselves to escape or kill you. However, you can get a lot more kill by surprize boosting in front of another snake.

When you are a small snake, don’t be afraid to take a risk. Boost and try to kill as many snakes as you can. As you are small, restarting will not cause you to lose much.

Boosting to escape is common and it won’t affect your size much once you are over 1000 size, anyway.

5. Steal from another large snake

In slither, you do not always have to kill another snake and make dinner. It is perfectly acceptable to snack on someone’s else kills. Most of the action happens in the center of the map, as there is more food to have in a crowd of snakes. However, it is not a good idea to rush to the scene as you might have to face the oncoming crowd. Sometimes, it is best to be patient and wait to clean out the after most of them have left.

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6. Lure with food

You might be tempted to gobble up the leftovers of a fresh kill but instead, you can use it as bait to attract more potential food source for you. The sight of light bulbs will bring more snake to the scene and as they are busy eating your winnings, trap them and now you have more food to yourself. This strategy works on smaller prey and requires good speed to encircle the prey effectively.

7. Be aggressive

It is a competitive game and more aggressive snake tend to grow bigger. Even if you are small, you can take on big snake by making them run into your body. So, be fast and catch the snake off-guard by making the first move and don’t hesitate to take chances, for it is not a game for week.

Though there is not set formula to win this game, but employing these tips will effectively improve your gameplay and you are sure to see yourself rise in the leader board. The journey to the Top requires trial and error and good strategy, so see what works best for you and the slither your way to success.

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